Five reasons to go bananas … over bananas

Bananas are definitely not just for monkeys. Not only are they super delicious, but they also have a ton of surprising health benefits we wouldn’t want to miss out on.

  1. Keep that blood pressure in place. Being rich in potassium, bananas are the best blood pressure police there is. High potassium intake is also linked to lowering chances of death by 20%, which is pretty amazing.
  2. Powerful Cells. Bananas are prodigies when it comes to electrolytes, containing potassium magnesium and phosphorus. Not only do these improve the overall power and health of your cells, but also keep your amazing body intact.
  3. Best Workout Partner. But seriously, Bananas take away all the excuses not to go to the gym, since they treat soreness and muscle cramps. The reason for this being the high mineral content in them.
  4. Get your Digestion Going. Your gut bacteria do the job of keeping you healthy, all you have to do is keep the bacteria healthy. Bananas are a great help in doing so with probiotic effect which they have thanks to their fibers pectin and resistant starch.
  5. Fight off Cancer.With some things it really does help to start early. Eating bananas in the early childhood for example lowers the chances of getting leukemia.
  6. And once you’ve started, you’d better never stop, because later on its vitamin C and fibers are lowering the chances of cancer in the rectal or colon area.

Now, are you as bananas about bananas as we are?

Seems like monkeys really know best, and we should learn from them. After all they’ve been here for waaay longer.
Fun Fact: Even though many people believe monkeys and bananas are just a myth, bigger monkeys (like gorillas) do enjoy the fruit.

And if you need more reasons to love bananas, you can check out the sources I have used for this article:

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