Açai: The probably hottest Brazilian around

We seem to  love everything about Brazil: The sun, the nature, the bombshells… but nothing tops its most famous superstar: the acai berry. These are just some of its superpowers that make us want to jump on a plane and get a fresh acai bowl.

Açai fruit
Açai frui
  1. Natural Energy-Boost – Sometimes all you need to get through your day is a little energy-kick. So, what if we told you it’s not only simpler but also healthier than caffeine? Bonus for being super yummy as well. The little berry can do wonders. Not only waking you up, but also giving you that extra motivation and positivity to never have never-ending days.
  2. Smart as Einstein – Okay, to be honest we cannot guarantee that, but we can definitely say this: the Anthocyanins, which can be found in acai prevents irritations and inflammations of the brain, so who knows, maybe there is some theory waiting to be discovered with the help of this brain-booster. And even if there isn’t acai has already convinced us with it´s ability to prevent Parkinson and Alzheimer.
  3. The antioxidants make your heart go on (and on) … by preventing clots and improving the circulation and just keeping your heart healthy over all.
  4. Skin too good to Photoshop – Iron and vitamin C make the perfect combination for a young, healthy and fresh skin. In addition to this the fatty acids have a Botox-like effect tightening the skin. The only difference: It’s waaaaay better than any treatment.
  5. Effective Cancer-Protection – Nowadays everything seems to be either cancerogenic or healing cancer, so a little skepticism is no surprise. However, there are a series of studies confirming that the berry really stops cancer cells from spreading and forming:

So, what do you think about Açai?

There may not be such things as a magic fruit or a fruit with actual superpowers, and between sketchy nutritionists and weird online articles acai might seem like a myth. We think, that it is important to have all the information to form one’s own opinion. And for us, acai berries do have superpowers, without being mysterious or complicated, just yummy.

Maria Arancha für Urban Monkey
Maria Arancha
Urban Monkey Insider

I am neither a professional, nor do I have tons of knowledge. I am just a “teen” interested in Food & Nutrition, with a passion in Sport, reading a lot about food and having parents who do cool things around nutrition and marketing, including the “Urban Monkey” business. So, I get to see and hear a bit of this. I have gathered all my prior knowledge and spiced it up with a lot of information from the internet. My main sources being www.healthline.com as well as www.medicalnewstoday.com and www.naturalfoodseries.com  . From all the information that can be found I’ve filtered out the most relevant, the facts that are scientifically proven and understandable… simply the stuff that makes sense. I hope that this will help you realize just how amazing our nature and its products can be.

Stay positive, eat healthy,

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