Beyond the sexy color: Blue Spirulina & it´s super power

Have you ever asked yourself “What do Aztecs and NASA astronauts have in common?”

No, we neither. But we found an answer: Both of them loved Blue Spirulina! So, we dug deeper and have to give it to them: this algae, which is sort of a bacterium is truly awesome.

(We didn’t make a typo there, blue spirulina is actually a tiny creature, a bacterium, living off photosynthesis. Though you’re not entirely wrong if you’ve been believing it’s an algae. It is called “blue-green algae” after all.)

And although both Aztecs & NASA deal with complicated matters, Blue Spirulina isn’t one.

In fact, it is easy as this: Blue Spirulina is a nutritional superhero. It’s super powers?


  • Supplies your brain with oxygen…keeps it going. It actually helps the hemoglobin in your blood to do the job, to be precise.
  • Keeps you energized. Coffee might wake you up, but nothing compares to the feeling of a day with the right energy and iron is helpful when it comes to that
  • Helps you get fit…well you still have to do a big part, but iron builds up endurance, which is already a great step. Maybe exactly the motivation we need.


  • Irons little helper…which means it helps the body absorb iron easier and more effectively.
  • Protects against the bad guys – free radicals. Since copper reduces the production of free radical, it can help your long-term immunity.


  • Allergies, Asthma and hay fever are a true pain in the a.. sometimes, so phycocyanin, which limits the effects of all of the above naturally should not be underestimated
  • Protects your joints against painful inflammation – especially when doing sports.

And about the color: We know it seems too blue to be natural, but it is actually phycocyanin that is responsible for the magic-look. So totally natural.

Bottom-line, Blue Spirulina is one of the world’s most nutrient-dense superfoods (the ones listed above are just a tiny selection) and at the same time it contains minimal calories, so it is healthy addition to our diet and still provides you with all that energy to feel your best. And it has been here for a looooong time… so that’s a good sign, right?

By now, we are so convinced that we might as well change that first sentence to “What do we have in common with Azteks and NASA astronauts?”

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Maria Arancha für Urban Monkey
Maria Arancha
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