Portrait von Maria Arancha

Maria Arancha – the face behind the laptop

I’m Maria Arancha, the one writing all the stuff about fruits and superpowers. The only remaining question being: Why?

Food used to be all about necessity to me…like brushing your teeth or sleeping at night. Sure, it was part of my day, but I never wasted any thoughts on it. Until I did.

Because at some point I got lucky and my parents started caring, a lot. So naturally, I did too.

Today, I see eating as an opportunity. I’m thinking, “Hey I can choose the components of my body. I can choose how I want my body to feel, and what I want to be made out of. (At least to some extent 😀 )

I know all of this might seem weird coming from a sixteen-year old. But it really shouldn’t! In my opinion everyone, no matter how old should have the knowledge and right to decide how they treat their body, maybe with a little help. There is no difference between 10 or 100 years. Because you really are what you eat, believe me.

This knowledge is no secret, nor is it difficult. Still, in the chaos that we call Internet it can be hard to tell facts and rumors apart. My goal is making all the available information easily accessible and for everyone. Learning about what is good for you shouldn’t feel like medical university, and most importantly: It should be fun!

I think it is only fair to give everyone a shot at being aware of their choices. Because nothing compares to feeling good in your own body! That is why I won’t only read and read some more about all kinds of normal, weird, special, colorful, round, tiny, big…fruits, but also collect the information and share it. As simple as it is.

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