Probiotics – an honest view of the magic “word of the moment” and coolest trend in drinks

Kombucha is a great source of probiotics
Kombucha is a great source of probiotics

Let’s start with the big question, “What are probiotics?” And is this really all natural simply food? (sounds a bit like medicine)

They are microorganisms, most of them already in our body, living in a happy symbiosis and helping it function smoothly. Because, you know, that is how nature works. Amazing, right?

So why does everyone go on and on about probiotics?

Well, because as usually, we only put value on things once we lost timeJ. While these microorganisms are a great help keeping your body in balance and helping the whole system run smoothly, but there is a lot in our life & world which works against them: pasteurizing food and drinks being one as well as processed foods, saturated fats and alcohol. Honestly, there is probably more we don’t know about the microorganisms than we do and we still have a ton of questions, but here some benefits all seem to agree to.

Keeping your gut healthy & happy

Which means it is aiding the ecosystem of bacteria inside, which produces nutrients and is important for digestion, as it breaks down hard-to-digest food.

Healthy gut healthy life, one can sayJ basically our gut is where our well-being starts – seeing that it also provides a protecting barrier, shielding our blood from dangerous toxins.

I think we all know that the good bacteria in Probiotics makes digestion a smooth and easy process. So, naturally what better way to boost it than through microorganisms…the more the merrier right?

Just as you think to yourself “Oh, that’s why everybody loves probiotics”, here is more: They also increase immunoglobulin cells, which provide the body with essential strength against attackers such as “bad” bacteria (not to be confused with the bacteria we really like). Cytokine, which is also boosted by probiotics is also a great help immunity-wise.

Aaaand they help you get #summerfit… in more than just one way

For starters probiotics help the absorption of nutrients, that give you all that energy and let your muscles live up to their potential. Making sport more fun and enjoyable.

But being fit is not only about fitness…it is about feeling your best and being at peace with your body. And so, the little miracle-workers can be a great help.

So, what’s the bottom line?

Nature’s amazing and has its own way to make things work miraculously. But, there are ways in which we might be able to help, and probiotics could be one of them.

Cause, while probiotics are no hocus-pocus, and totally safe, there is so much to them it might seem like magic and honestly, a bit mysterious. This is just a topline view of the things we learnt so far and honestly feels we just scratched the surface. It also just opened our appetite for more J we keep you posted with what we still discover about them. And if we opened your appetite as well for both theory and practice – don’t hesitate to hit up back with your experience.

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Maria Arancha for Urban Monkey
Maria Arancha
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