RAW juicing is an act of doing good to yourself.

Drinking Urban Monkey cold pressed juices will give your body the tools to heal and thrive, deal with stress, sleep better, glow and feel more dynamic and energized. All these while enjoying the fresh and yummy taste of nature!


Raw juicing with more hydration and even less calories!

Simple: cold pressed juices and water, sometimes agave syrup, sometime honey! NO sugar! We all know you don’t get the best in lemon if you heat it. So we don’t. Vitamine C survives.


Perfect Sport Companion or Vegetarian Yummy Friend.


Raw fruits and veggies to drink.

Almost all of the nutrients our bodies need can be found in raw fruits and vegetables. Our smoothies are the most delicious and effective way of getting your daily portion of fruits and veggies. No concentrates! Nothing added!


The ultimate hydration packed with energy!

Fresh taste, naturally wired with active nutrients. Natural electrolytes. Antioxidants. Great for sports. Recovery after sports. Improves metabolism. Skin and hair. Helps to get bikini fit. Forever young. Body, mind and spirit into best shape. Also the best hang-over cure – just saying.


Small but mighty healthy boost.

A very strong punch of cold pressed fresh ingredients with superpowers, like ginger, turmeric or aloe vera. The very reason you take a shot is because you want a healthy punch of active ingredients, you want the most out of the ginger and turmeric, so make sure you take a shot that can deliver that for you – cold pressed, RAW, all natural.

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