Always Raw

As mother nature intended it! Nothing less!

Have you ever wonder why some juices taste always the same and not really like the fruits they contain?

It is because they are homogenized and heat pasteurized. Like you at home, we don’t heat our juices because that would destroy the vitamins, enzymes and other nutrients. We want them alive!

Keep it raw, keep it real – Never heat pasteurized. So that you get full fresh taste and nutritional benefit vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, micro nutrients of fresh fruits and veggies.


The best of fresh fruits and veggies

Urban Monkey juices are cold pressed with a hydraulic press that takes the best out of fruits and veggies. In simple words, it is just like an elephant jumping on your fruits.. Cold pressing creates longer freshness, naturally avoids oxidation and gives much more nutrients than conventional juicing.


Fruits, veggies and some times a pint of spice. Nothing added.

Yes, real fruits and veggies come in. With all their natural Goodies. That’s all. No tricks, no borderline!


We do not add synthetic vitamins or sugar!

The sugar in urban monkey comes exclusively from fruits and veggies and that is different. On top, because it is RAW, it is packed with enzymes which makes it easy for the body to turn it into positive energy.

We keep it real and clear!

Not all vitamins are equal just as not all juices are equal. Some vitamins are synthetically produced and added in a drink. Some juices use added sugar, conservatives or additives to ensure consistency. Pasteurized juices lose vitamins and add syntetic ones after! We know – it’s crazy to take out the natural benefits and then add chemicals in to get what nature initially provided! We encourage you to read the label to make sure you get only what you want and what is good for you in a juice.

Longer RAW!



How do we keep it RAW?
Through HPP – Cold pressured

Our RAW drinks are under really REALLY high pressure (6000Bars – like diving 60km deep in the Ocean) – pathogens don’t survive this huge pressure, but all the essential nutrients do. They are safe and have a longer life vs the freshly squeezed juices, while vitamins and nutrients are alive and active.

Chilled all the way to your taste buds.

Best things in life come with a price.

RAW in store is complex und costly. That’s also why RAW juices not widely available, only shops with an eye on the lifestyle trends and a heart for the wellness would go through the trouble to shelf RAW juices, most of the juices on shelf are pasteurized.

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