Summer Fit starts with the Attitude

In order to be fit for the summer, it is important not only to eat well in summer and to think about activity. Rather, it is a balance that is optimally integrated into everyday life and that even before the summer. But of course, especially on hot summer days, there are a few tips that are helpful to get started.

Holistic approach

Summer fit does not just mean either to eat lots of vitamins, to be active, to drink a lot or to have the right attitude. No, it’s a combination of all that.


“What the mind believes the body achieves” The right mindset is important, without goals and positivity, we can hardly change anything in our long term life. The question I should ask myself is: Am I ready to feel better, more vital and stronger and am I ready to work for my body? Important at this point is to mention that it does not mean completely to dispense with everything unhealthy. It happens automatically that with the right attitude you get involved in a healthy holistic lifestyle and excuses become less.

Summer fit with the Urban Monkey Raw Juices, Raw Smoothies and Raw Lemonades
Summer fit does not just mean either to eat lots of vitamins, to be active, to drink a lot or to have the right attitude. No, it’s a combination of all that.

Daily routine

Find your time for being active, for some of you it might be early in the morning for others it is late after work. Overcome your “weaker self” and make a radical change in perspective, stick to what you set out to achieve. The good thing is you will always feel better after being active – promise.


Eating and drinking is a daily fundament, thus it has a lot of influence on our power, mood and charisma. A balanced and nutritious diet provides the body with many essential vitamins and minerals. Try to already start your day with a healthy breakfast and instead of having a dessert after lunch/afternoon/evening enjoy a healthy delicious raw juice. It is also a good idea for a juice after your sport/activity session, it gives your body directly important nutrients for the regeneration and also it is super refreshing. Way raw? Because vitamins, minerals, fiber are preserved and killed by heating. You can also do a 3-day juice cure to kick-start, to activate your immune system and provide the body with important nutrients. You will definitely have more energy and your skin, hair and nails will become healthier in the long term.

Be active, sport

Find the sport that makes you happy. It does not matter what others like to do, find your fulfillment. Ideally, it is a balance of power and recharge and mindfulness. For example a mix of yoga, running, walking, swimming and workouts. A little tip with friends it is always easier. It is not important to always get completely exhausted from a sports unit. It is also enough to start slowly and stay in a low pulse range, being active is a very good fundament to build on.

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You will certainly feel stronger, healthier, more comfortable and self-confident and of course you will radiate that too. I’m curious when you get your first compliment and feel totally Summer fit.

To the point

It is important that you find a routine for everyday life and that you can handle it in the long term. I do not believe in extreme sports, jucing and abandonment. Then it is only inevitable to fall back into old habits. Have fun, be proud of what you achieve and you will definitely feel fitter this summer.

Alexandra Volkmar
Urban Monkey Contributor

Alexandra loves and lives sports, she is a bundle of energy. From an early age on, her thirst for adventure was almost unbearable and for her it was easy to convince others of her plans. Today she is an active runner and trail runner, captain of the adidas Runners (one of the largest running communities in the world), her goal is not to be the most beautiful, fastest and best, but to inspire others to be active, look after their body and love themselves.

Her projects include numerous marathons or half-marathons – therefore she also likes to travel abroad, such as Tel-Aviv, Athens or Paris. In addition she loves to cross personal boundaries in her various ultramarathons projects such as the GR221 in Mallorca with over 140km while sleeping in a hammock or the Karvendelmarsch with 52km. Even trail running with a refreshment in a local lake around Munich is indispensable for Alex or the daily visit in the Munich river – Eisbach.

But the most important thing is that you can share your passions. What if you get up the highest peak or run your new best time when you are alone. Alex is usually traveling with a group of friends and running is no longer an individual sport, but a team sport.

She grew up in Nuremberg on a small farm, so she has always had a healthy and balanced diet. A large fruit and vegetable garden, own eggs, all this she started to fully appreciated first once she moved away to live in various cities.

She is in her ninth months of pregnancy and expects her little girl in August. Being active and having a healthy diet is also important to her now. She is currently on a running break, but she is still very active every day. There are plenty of opportunities to stay fit, doing yoga, going for a walk, cycling, swimming, small workouts.

Her favorite live quote: “Success isn’t what you accomplish is what inspire others to do.”

Follow Alex on Instagram: @alex_pure_life

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