“Too good to be healthy” Mango – an underrated hero


Don’t get distracted by the incredible taste and sweetness of the mango. This fruit is pure gold – and we’re not talking about the color. In fact, mangos are full of vitamins and other gooood stuff. We’ve got proof:

  1. It fights of free radicals like no one else – Keeping your cells healthy the abundance (in a positive way) of antioxidants in mangos fight off these bad boys. This may help with chronical diseases as well as aging diseases, also diabetes and cancer
  2. See like an eagle –Okay, maybe not that good, but probably better than you would without lutein and zeaxanthin which can be found in mangos. These protect our favorite sense, our sight and shield our retina against damaging sunrays.
  3. Vitamin C and Vitamin A! –It has become a known-fact that vitamin C is an immune system-hero, but did you know that only 165 grams of mango provide 70% of the reference daily intake? Almost as important are the 10% Vitamin A out of the reference daily intake. Vitamin A is a real superstar maintaining all vital organs and your body’s tissue healthy.
  4. Your skin and hair love mango –The collagen in mangoes keeps your skin young and fresh while retinoids shield it from the sun. Mango also boosts the sebum production, hydrating and keeping your hair healthy.
  5. Digest better than ever –For once, mango is packed with digestive enzymes, which break down the heavy food and make it absorbable for your body. At the same time, it’s dietary fibers and high water content help with constipation and diarrhea.  (This works so well that there are even studies on how it’s more effective than the usual pharmacy-stuff)
  6. Keep the big boss (your brain) healthy and your mood up –Thanks to the B6 vitamin your brain doesn’t just stay healthy, it also supports your neurotransmitters. All of this makes you sleep well at night and be happier in the morning.
  7. Bones stronger than hulk –Mangos, or the vitamin K that can be found in them, makes your bones healthy and strong. They keep the calcium level in check and can even prevent fractures!

Mango is pure gold

These are just a few of the reasons why we love mango and think you should too. Just because something is super tasty doesn’t mean it’s not super healthy. In the case of mango: it’s both and definitely not “too good to be healthy”

There are also more facts and benefits to it than I could fit in an article, so this is just a quick overview, inspired by:

Maria Arancha for Urban Monkey
Maria Arancha
Urban Monkey Insider

I am neither a professional, nor do I have tons of knowledge. I am just a “teen” interested in Food & Nutrition, with a passion in Sport, reading a lot about food and having parents who do cool things around nutrition and marketing, including the “Urban Monkey” business. So, I get to see and hear a bit of this. I have gathered all my prior knowledge and spiced it up with a lot of information from the internet. My main sources being www.healthline.com as well as www.medicalnewstoday.com and www.naturalfoodseries.com  . From all the information that can be found I’ve filtered out the most relevant, the facts that are scientifically proven and understandable… simply the stuff that makes sense. I hope that this will help you realize just how amazing our nature and its products can be.

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